Marie THYS


We looked after a sculptor with whom we wish to build a long-term working relationship. And the first time we discovered Marie’s work, we were completly seduced.


All our requirements were fullfilled: Marie is experienced and capable of giving emotion, realism and being creative. She defines herself as a multifaceted sculptor, with a particular passion for animals and their behaviors.


Marie varies her panels of skills according to the subject: from sculptures made from clay to wax or plaster, she establishes the foundations of the final steps: the bronze and the founder’s work.

I.M.P.S. Graphic Studios



IMPS is the official licensor and rights owner of The Smurfs and other characters made by Peyo (Pierre Culliford).


Their graphic studio department is unavoidable for all submitted projects related to the brand. The studio gives license support, which allows us to respect the work of Peyo for each of our related creations.


Depending on the difficulty of a project, their involvement could be very intense. Our Johan is the perfect exemple of what a strong collaboration could be.

Guillaume MAHIEU



Guillaume is a Belgian graphic designer, graduated at Albert Jacquard High School. We were directly impressed with the quality of his creations: from a terrifying monster to a classy Napoleon bust, he leaves nothing to chance.


Despite his young age, Guillaume is experienced and like challenges. He works for the well known artwork studio “Elite3d”, in Valencia.


His accuracy and perfectionism persuaded us to choose him to work on our Johan. And his up to date profile allow us to stay connected with 3D technologies.