About us

Our brand, Buronzu, is exclusively dedicated to the bronze and comic. We chosed to blend the bronze, this noble and timeless matter, with 9th art. A blend of two passions. To preserve the nobility and rarety of our creations, these ones are made on very limited editions. We select our projects to modelize according to the power, the fame and tenderness of the character itself and the picture, the strip where it is inked. Right owners, authors, sculptors, foundry,… Each project is the result of a close communication and works with these main players. More than a year is necessary to achieve our goal. We choose our sculptors depending their talent and affinity with the project. And the foundry according to their history and quality provided. Each sculpture is more than just a sculpture. It is a part of us and, as bronze is eternal, will cross the ages as our testimony.

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